Joan Osborne Sings the Songs of Bob Dylan

Joan Osborne Sings the Songs of Bob Dylan


Sun · August 27, 2017

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

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This event is all ages

Joan Osborne
Joan Osborne
Creative dedication has been a hallmark of Joan Osborne's work from the start. Although the Kentucky native grew up with a passion for music, when she arrived in New York City in the late 1980s, it was to attend New York University's prestigious film school. But she couldn't resist the pull of the city's live music scene for long, and soon she was performing her own songs in downtown rock clubs and emerging as a popular presence in a vibrant scene of rootsy new acts that included such then-unknowns as Jeff Buckley, Chris Whitley, Blues Traveler and the Spin Doctors. In 1992, Osborne launched her own indie label, Womanly Hips, and released the live “Soul Show: Live at Delta 88” and the studio EP “Blue Million Miles.”

Osborne's regional success led to a major-label deal and the release of her 1995 multi-platinum breakthrough album “Relish,” which included her Number One single "One of Us." That song, along with a well-received run on 1997's inaugural Lilith Fair tour, introduced her to a wide audience. But Osborne quickly made it clear that she was more interested in musical integrity and creative longevity than transient pop success, and she made that point repeatedly with such subsequent albums as 2000's “Righteous Love,” 2002's “How Sweet It Is,” 2005’s “Christmas Means Love,” 2006's “Pretty Little Stranger,” 2007's “Breakfast in Bed,” 2008's “Little Wild One” and 2012's “Bring It On Home.”

Osborne's talents have also made her a sought-after collaborator and guest performer. She joined forces with the surviving members of the Grateful Dead when they regrouped to tour in 2003 as The Dead, sang with Motown's legendary Funk Brothers in the acclaimed 2002 documentary “Standing in the Shadows of Motown,” and produced two albums for the great blues trio the Holmes Brothers. She's shared stages with a wide range of performers, including Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Emmylou Harris, Patti Smith, Melissa Etheridge, Taj Mahal, Luciano Pavarotti and the Chieftains. More recently, Osborne has toured and recorded as a member of Trigger Hippy, which also includes rising Americana star Jackie Greene and Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman.

“Love and Hate,” Osborne’s eighth and newest album, shows the artist’s creative iconoclasm, and her determination to make music on her own terms, to be as strong as ever.

Lillian was born in Dallas, Texas, and at a young age, she moved to the expansive desert of Arizona with a southern belle mother, a New Yorker pilot father, a wizard for a brother and a posse of Boston Terriers.

At six-years-old, Lillian learned how to play the piano and discovered her voice. Always on the move, she loved playing sports, but found that singing and playing music was her true passion. As a teenager, she decided to pick up a guitar. Lillian fell in love with the notion that music and song could follow her wherever she went.

This came in handy after college when she spent significant time on the open road, transitioning through a variety of westward cities and experiences along the way.

From flipping pizzas in Phoenix, to counseling addicted homeless youth in Portland; traveling the world as a celebrity nanny in LA, to now discovering Salesforce in Denver, Lillian has worn many hats and met some really incredible people. But the one constant has always been her music. It’s the thread that weaves and draws the web of her life.

Music is freedom. It allows Lillian to flow through every discovery, down whichever open road she so chooses.
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The Armory
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